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"We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us."
– Winston Churchill

Why we love buildings and what they mean to us.

Buildings are inhibited sculpture. Imaged by architects and built by hand, they spark to life as we live, work, and play inside. They become historical markers for a society, aesthetics during a time period that distinguishes the location for future generations. The loss of a building, like Notre-Dame in the fire of April 2019, is a reminder that buildings are deeply connected to humanity – our past and our future.

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Bryan Chong

Entrepreneur turned big-company-guy turned entrepreneur. Loves to run. Drawn to water. Collector of power tools. Seinfeld nut. Equal opportunity wine drinker. Man-child when sick. Guardian of 1984 VW Westfalia Vanagon. Father of three.
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Greg Moulton

Senior Vice President
Salesperson by trade. Swimmer at heart. Loud by nature. Outdoorsman. Rhode Island native. Silicon Valley lover and watcher. Hoppy beer drinker. Protector of secret clamming spots. Father of two American Ninja Warriors.
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Teresa Ou

Strategic Operations
Med school dreams. Hates blood. Law school graduate. Comedy writer. Back-row volleyball specialist. Dim sum fanatic. Princess Bride lover. Superhero comic nerd. Monster vehicle owner. Mother of four if you count her husband.
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Seth Holladay

Sr Director of Engineering
Adopted son of successful MIT entrepreneurs. Mountain summiter. Kiwi chomper. Vodka sipper. Snowboarder. Sci-fi freaker. Pescatarian who’d survive a desert island with Pink Floyd, sangria, his partner, and a husky shepherd mix.
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Diana Bourgeois

Director of Marketing
Married high school sweetheart. Bleeds Clemson orange. Motown jammer. Craft beer drinker. Dog adopter. Zoom Dancer. The Mummy binger. Art lover. Couldn't pick between Rome or Paris, or keep your plants alive.
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Damian Bartosik

Director of Engineering
Ex-lead guitar in a garage heavy metal band. Cut hair. Learned to code. Keeps executives away from tech. The guy who gets sh*t done. Squash and b-baller. Recovering resident of London. Current resident of Poland.
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Camille Bosworth

General Counsel
San Diego native. Surfer. Fluent in Spanish. Broken Portuguese. Coffee needer. Well-worn passport owner (32 countries). Tidepool explorer. Big red canoe owner. Pescatarian. Helper of others. Mother of three.
About the Building

Alex Rothenberg

Managing Director - West
Son of a doctor. Pilot. Backpacker. Sailor. Skydiver with 88 jumps. Likes his crab cold, tequila aged and lifestyle green. Missed calling as a voiceover artist. Daydreams about Hawaii and reincarnation as a singer for Night Ranger.
About the Building

Hunt Baker

Managing Director - East
6’5” middle child Southern contradiction. Enjoys Bud Light with sushi, ice hockey in Nashville, and craft beer with Eminem. Golfer. Dog rescuer. The Office binger. Loves Canadian vacations, documentaries, and crushing Claws with lacrosse alum.
About the Building

Zach Eyster

Portfolio Specialist
Kalamazoo born. Eugene raised. Bloody drinker. Hawaiian plate eater. Japanese speaker. 94 MPH fastballer. 22-toed cat lover. Daydreams of @KingJames in a Trail Blazers jersey and Friday nights at the driving range.
About the Building

Ilias Aboubeker

Full Stack Engineer
Born by the beach. Three siblings. Son of Algerian governor and high school teacher. Explorer. Entrepreneur. Soccer watcher. Soccer player. Soccer lover. Zizou superfan. Digs pescatarian menus and chill-hop playlists. Adores all things Boston including Good Will Hunting.
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Liza Buraya

Full Stack Engineer
Daughter of an airline pilot. Likes coffee black. Green Day loud. And Mass Effect late. Drummer. Hiker. Sister. Baker. Figure skater watcher. Omnivore with an insect exclusion. Lord of the Rings annualist. A Windows fish in a sea of Macs.
About the Building

Sam Ocran

Full Stack Engineer
Born to a Ghanaian trader and sailor turned preacher. Big brother. Coke drinker. Linkin Park rocker. Animal channel lover. Table tennis baller. Captivated by superheroes. Captivating to friends with global tech aspirations.
About the Building

Anthony Buckley-Thorp

Product Advisor
Born English. Dreamt of designing rollercoasters. Became a structural engineer. Found tech. Recovering global expat. Fixie owner. Pour-over coffee drinker. Portlandia binger. Keyboard shortcut show-off. Loves Die Hard and being a father.
About the Building

Raul Saavedra

Commercial RE Advisor
Son of Chicago. Bolivian parents. Brother to 4 sisters. Throws lefty. Writes righty. Author. Speaks Spanish. Remembers your name. Quick to bust out Pinot or New Order playlist. Missed calling as a talk show host. Found calling as the father of 2.
About the Building

Rick Drescher

Technology Advisor
Boardroom hot seat on weekdays. BMW heated seat on weekends. Insane gear head. Technology fanatic. Acoustic guitar lover. Wife struggles to teach him more tricks than his AKC-certified beagle-mix.
About the Building


Lead PocketBuilder
Born on a render farm. Son of a coder. Wolf lover. Spelunker. Chess boxer. Motivational speaker. Craves acid jazz, nutmeg cappuccinos, and Hawaiian pizza. Never sleeps, blinks, or stops smiling.
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