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Visual content in a file folder? That's ludicrous. We're on a mission to eliminate folders for visual data.
More than autocad

Open 180 file types in 2D and 3D. No Software. No Autodesk License.

Open and view over 180 file types with our integrated viewers for plans, models, and documents.


No Autodesk license required to open an AutoCAD file on PocketBuildings. Upload and share with unlimited users.

PDF Floor Plans

Store and view PDF floor plans and drawings directly in PocketBuildings. Use our viewer to set the scale and measure with precision.


Need to view Navisworks files without installing software? Easily open NWD and DWF files directly in PocketBuildings.

Point Clouds

Stop storing point clouds on your local machine. Open and interact with popular point cloud formats on PocketBuildings.

Autodesk Revit

Enter the 3D world. No Autodesk license required to open, view and interact with Revit models on PocketBuildings.

Microsoft Office

We built Microsoft Office viewers natively in PocketBuildings so you can easily view and share with stakeholders.

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